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Important information


When a customer wants to receive a packet sent by mail, the Post’s shipping fee applies. In such cases, we prefer that the customer sends his order via normal e-mail us and we’ll send confirmations correct postage. The product must be paid in advance !

When you order on the website select a product or more. Then click on the shopping cart. This will show what you have ordered so far. Then enter all the necessary information, such as name, address, phone number and e-mail address and then choose how they want to get their order delivered / picked up. It is desirable that you, the customer also mobile number so I can reach you as soon as possible if we are delayed in delivery trip.

We will send a reminder via SMS on the day we’re going. This is a popular service that we know is appreciated.

When the order is confirmed, a confirmation e-mail with information about the time and place of delivery.
E-postet dolls even order content and total.

The schedule may change depending on how much is ordered (almost never happens), but you always get an e-mail within two days before delivery of the final times for delivery.

If you ordered a product and want to later order a to – you can always contact us.

You can pay directly from the site, if you like or at delivery place. We accept both cash and card payments (VISA – MASTER and MAESTRO cards).

There are two approaches to loosen the frozen fillets out of the box:
a) You can use a table knife sticking in a fillet and then press the blade with a hammer or a meat mallet until tenderloin secession.
b) You can get the whole box on a hard floor or ground and then loosen all the fillets, which you can then repackage portions in freezer bags.

It is difficult to customer orders any four (4) days prior to our arrival. Freight charges to order 75 kr Swedes

All prices are in SEK: SEK.