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Marinated foal meat Grill Brilliant

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Product from Kjarnafæði ehf


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Ingredients: Veal, vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated, rapeseed oil), salt, spices ( CELERY ), paprika, natural flavors (fried onions), flavoring, caramelized sugar

Allergens: Celery

Lactose (milk sugar): No
Egg: No
MSG (the third spice): No
Gluten: No
Soy (protein): No
Nuts: No
Celery: Yes

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Grill Brilliant is an absolutely brilliant marinade that is excellent on foal meat. A fully grilled spice feast from Kjarnaföð.

Quantity per package:
3 pcs, approx. 0.400 kg

Manufacturer's serial number A 063. Rear. The product is a freezer product and can be stored at about – 18 c. Country of origin: Iceland.

More information Islandsfisk i Varberg AB – 00-46-70-6209920

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