Cod or Haddock fillets Provencale – 30 min –

Rinse the fish fillets. Frozen fish should be lightly thawed. Rinse and clean and finely slice the onion. Clean and thinly slice the pepper. Slice the tomatoes. Put a small amount of margarine in a baking dish. Melt this in the oven. Spread the chopped vegetables in the read more

Prawns in Spicy Sauce – 45 min –

Peel the prawns. Thaw if frozen. Prepare the vegetables. Cut the tomatoes into wedges,slice the pimiento thinly and rinse and drain the lettuce. Brown the butter in a large wide pan. Add the prawns,curry pasta,garlic and sprinkle with tabasco. Addsalt to taste. Pour in read more

Marinated Cod/Saithe with tomato and garlic – 20 min – 4 pers

Thaw out the cod or saithe. Put in a plastic bag. Mix together salt,crumbled thyme, finely chopped cloves of garlic,lime juice,oil,tomato paste,water and black pepper for the marinade. Pour the marinade over the fish. Marinate fish 1-2 hours in the refrigerator.