Easter journey 2019


Dear Customer!

Life goes on, and now it is the pretext that lies closest in time. We will have Easter eggs from Góa, Noi, Kólus and Freyja. In other words, there is a good selection.

We have now put in a lot of information on our website about the goods we sell. Now there is a list of ingredients, as well as the vendor’s license number for meat, milk and fish products. Manufacturers’ names are also included. In addition, allergenic substances are marked in bold. You can see which tools are used in the fishing and with the name of the fish variety there is now also the Latin name. And now there is also a telephone number for us at Islandsfisk for information to our customers.


Easter tours goes as follows:

Germany:  April  11-15
Tjeckien :  April  12
Austria:     April 12 – 13
Luxemburg : April 14
Belgium: April 14
Netherlands: April 14 – 15


For more information, see delivery locations

Sincerely, Gudbjörn Elísson.