Christmas journey 2018


Dear Customer!

Now Christmas is near the door, and it’s just as good to crumble up your sleeves. There is a lot to think about and this is also true for us at Islandsfisk. Due to requests from our customers, we will try out two new items, coconut milk and the health drink “Charging” (“Charging”). They learn to be right popular in the home country, so we’ll take it easy at the beginning, and make an effort.

The fish is included as usual, and all the good for Christmas. We have made minor changes on the website, so delivery sites and times are more easily accessible than before.

 Our tours are as follows in december:

Germany          13-14-15-16 and 17 dec

Czech Republic  14 dec

Austria  14 and 15 dec

Luxembourg  16 dec

Belgium  16 dec

Netherlands 16 and 17 dec

With Christmas greetings Gudbjörn Elison